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Eliminate the headaches of hardware ownership while achieving greater freedom, flexibility and reliability with a solution tailored to your exact needs.

Introducing Epic-Cloud

Simplify your IT environment without compromising while also creating new competitive advantages.

Epic-Cloud is a hosted infrastructure and software service that takes the place of your existing servers, data storage and desktop devices. 

With Epic-Cloud you eliminate the headaches of hardware ownership without compromising on performance, security, cost or ease-of-use.  We are talking about highly scalable, enterprise-class solutions that you can actually afford.

Imagine the freedom to quickly scale your computing resources up or down at any time so your capacity always matches your needs. No costly capital outlays and no long term contracts. That’s competitive agility - that’s Epic-Cloud.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Flexibility, availability and security are not mutually exclusive. You can have it all.

More than ever, your team wants work-life balance. The freedom to work outside the office at least part time without sacrificing productivity or security. Did you know that your employees use up to four devices each day to conduct business? How do you enable that type of flexibility but still maintain control of your data?

Epic-Cloud WorkSpace provides each user with a secure, high-performance virtual desktop that’s just like an office PC but in the Cloud. No matter what local device they use (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) all of the actual data processing happens at Epic-Cloud. We only send the audio and video to the local device over a secure, encrypted connection. Freedom has arrived!

There Is A Cloud For Everyone

Epic-Cloud is perfect for start-ups and established organizations alike.

We built Epic-Cloud to be highly adaptable so we can create exactly the environment you need. Beyond common applications like Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat, we are talking about hosting the unique, line-of-business software that you use to run your operation. In other words, it’s your IT environment with all of its current functionality and performance but hosted in our data center.

If corporate policy or legal regulations require you to use completely segregated, dedicated resources (e.g. banks, certain healthcare groups or governmental agencies) be sure to ask us about our Private Cloud offerings.

Epic-Cloud Solutions

Epic-Cloud is a suite of services that can be custom tailored to fit your unique needs.  Check out: