Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Company Philosophy

At Epic, we are completely committed to the idea of delivering Productive. Technology. Solutions.SM It means that we are going to do our absolute best to create a solution that is fast, reliable, secure, and cost effective. But "business value" is not just about cost, it is also about making sure your systems will support your operations, maintain compliance with government regulations, and protect your data. Ultimately, we believe that to fulfill our goals, we have to establish Trust, Credibility, Reliability and a lasting Relationship with each of our clients. These are the values that we live every day.


Our entire practice is based upon earning the trust of our customers. We emphasize "earning" because we know that trust is result of proving our knowledge and reliability over a period time. We strive for total honesty in all of our business dealings and want the same from our customers. We are so passionate about trust that we say, "we would rather have you trust us and not buy from Epic, than to buy from us and question our intentions." We know that the only winning solution is one that is fair to everyone involved.


Every year we invest thousands of dollars in the training and development of our professionals. Couple that training with the experience gained from working with over 450 clients each year and you get an extremely powerful knowledgebase. We desire a true business partner relationship with each of our clients and want to learn about the operational aspects of your organization. In this partnership, we can help you avoid the potential risks of making a purchasing mistake, business downtime, lost data, security breaches or regulatory noncompliance. Our experts have worked in almost every industry, with every size organization, and can help you learn from the best practices and mistakes of other organizations.


When Epic makes a promise, from the start of the sales cycle all the way through to project completion, you can trust us to fulfill that promise. Come rain or shine, in good times and bad, Epic is going to be there when you need us.


At the end of the day, we want to build a long-lasting and personal relationship with each of our clients. Our practice is built upon recurring business and building lasting relationships with our customers. We want you to know that we deeply care about the success of your organization and want to help you reach your goals.